Cellular regeneration

The basic definition of a stem cell is an undifferentiated cell that can be the catalyst for the regeneration of cells of the same type, from which other types of cells can be created via differentiations.

Chord Blood Stem Cells

Chord Blood has emerged as the gold standard for stem cell therapy, originating in the umbilical cord. They are consistently concentrated, potent, robust, and tailored for therapies to serve specific needs and goals.

Autologous Stem Cells

These are existing stem cells from within your own body, collected via a surgical procedure. Unfortunately the process is expensive, invasive and often high-risk.

Amniotic Fluid / Placental Stem Cells

Extracted from the amniotic sac of a growing fetus, these stem cells are vital to human development but not ideal for use in therapies.

Fetal/Embryonic stem cells

This type of stem cell is found in embryos between three and five days old. These stem cells are NOT used in stem cell therapies in the United States, as their use is both morally debatable and highly illegal

A patient of Innovation Health’s Stem Cell program may:

  • Generate and Repair Tissue
  • Target Inflammation
  • Decrease Pain and Soreness
  • Activate Your Body’s Internal Repair System
  • Anti-Aging and Feeling Your Best

In simplest terms, stem cells are the foundation of your body’s internal repair system. Every day, your stem cells are working diligently to restore injured or declining tissue, repairing damage, and supporting optimal health.


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