Spooky Season Specials and Exciting News!

October has arrived with a blast at Innovation Health, and we’ve rolled out a series of fantastic deals, announcements, and events. From special discounts to celebrating new team members, let’s dive into what’s brewing!

1. A Hauntingly Good Offer:
From now until Halloween, enjoy a $50 discount on our Wolverine peptide. Experience better recovery, promote healing, and benefit from its anti-inflammatory properties. It’s now available for only $250!

2. Get Pumped Up:
We understand the thrill of a better pump in the gym. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new prescription pre-workout! Optimize your workout protocol for stronger pumps, improved muscle production, and faster recovery.

3. A Warm Welcome to Kayla Palmer:
Join us in welcoming our newest team member, Kayla Palmer. With over a decade of experience serving clients and a background in veterinary medicine, she brings her passion for health and wellness to our family. When she isn’t championing health at our center or the gym, she’s off on adventures or indulging her inner foodie.

4. Honoring Our Educators:
From October 9-13, in celebration of Columbus Day, we’re offering a 20% discount for all teachers. It’s our way of saying thank you for your invaluable contribution to our community.

5. Heroic Recovery with PRP:
Every hero needs a moment of recovery. Discover the power of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy—an innovative approach that uses your body’s natural healing properties to mend damaged tissues and speed up recovery. Many renowned athletes swear by its benefits. Could it be the healing solution you’ve been searching for?

6. Cheering from the Sidelines:
We’re proud to announce our sponsorship for Ose Abunaw in his NFC fight on October 20th. We believe in his prowess and are thrilled to support him as he takes on Adrian Weathersby in the ring.

October promises to be an eventful month at Innovation Health. Whether you’re taking advantage of our special offers, meeting our new team member, or cheering for Ose, we’re delighted to share this season with you.

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